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Facial Services

Express Facial: 30 minutes
Cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate. For those on the go!

Avanti "Signature" Facial: 60 minutes
A deep-pore cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, massage and mask all customized to your skin needs.

Avanti "Primo" Facial: 90 minutes
The Signature Facial plus much, much more! In addition to your facial, you will experience a scalp, hand, arm and foot massage. RELAX and ENJOY!!!

Microdermabrasion: 60 minutes
A manual exfoliation that eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the size of pores, and helps to diminish pigmentation. It also aids in improving acne, acne scars, as well as superficial scars.
A series of 6-12 weekly treatments is recommended for best results.

6 Treatments


Make-Up Application
with lesson.

Bridal / Special Occasion
Highlighting and contouring will be part of this application. HD make-up will be used to accentuate the appearance in pictures.

All make-up applications include high quality primers that will leave you with long lasting looks.

Nail Services

Express Dry Manicure: 20 minutes
A light-shaping, cuticle refresher and polish application.

Spa Manicure: 45 minutes
Trim and shape nails, condition cuticles, hand and arm massage and mask, followed by polish application.

Avanti Studio proudly offers Shellac UV manicures, which combines the ease of polish with the performance of gel. This service is not to be confused with a typical manicure. You will receive a dry manicure followed by the Shellac polish application. This 14 day manicure is great for the individual who always wants that mirror finish without smudges, chips and nicks! You will leave with your nails COMPLETELY DRY!!

Express Pedicure: 45 minutes
An appointment designed for in between pedicure appointmentm because there are times we are on the go ... quick soak, light file, polish application.

Spa Pedicure: 60-75 minutes
A bubbly foot soak, cuticle care, trim, shape, exfoliation, foot and leg massage, followed by polish application.

Whirlpool Foot Soak: 20 minutes
A service that is especially good for people who suffer from headaches, fatigue, arthritis, poor circulation and dryness.

French Manicure to any service add

All Avanti pedicures offer a relaxing experience in a heated and massage controlled pedicure chair, while your feet enjoy the whirlpool spa footbath.

Skin Care Treatments
Target your most pressing skin concerns and improve the health of your skin with a professional skin treatment through a zone by zone skin analysis. A customized treatment will be created to meet the needs of your skin. Using Dermalogica professional products, your end result will be one of healthier skin and fresher appearance.

Power Regeneration Treatment: 60 minutes
A combination of vitamin and hydroxy acid exfoliation, energizing massage (to release tension in the facial muscles) and specialized masques, make this the ultimate skin therapy for prematurely-aging, dry or devitalized skin. Skin will be firmer, smoother, and revived.

Medicated Clearing Treatment: 60 minutes
Breakouts have finally met their match! Focus is on deep-cleansing, purifying, extracting and hydrating to target current breakouts, while helping to prevent future breakouts.

Environmental Control Treatment: 60 minutes
Is your skin red, inflamed or irritated? Settle in for a super-smoothing treatment that includes gentle cleansing, calming masque and therapies that help instantly calm redness and reduce inflammation. This is a great treatment for rosacea or sensitive skin!!

Skin Brightening Treatment: 60 minutes
Suffering from signs of hyper pigmentation? This brightening treatment will help stop uneven pigmentation at its source, while balancing complexion for a brighter, more even appearance.

Bacial: 60 minutes
A facial for your back! De-stress your muscles and cleanse the skin of impurities with this purifying and relaxing back treatment. A deep cleanse and exfoliant will scrub off dead skin cells, readying the skin for removal of toxins. Your hardest parts to reach will enjoy all the benefits of a facial, leaving your back looking polished, hydrated and refreshed! A great treatment if you are wearing backless and strapless.

Waxing Services

Eyebrows w/Contouring
Lip or chin
Full Legs
Half Legs
Bikini (customizable)

Avanti Lash Lounge
The #1 company in its industry.This is a new service in the spa and cosmetic industry. I am proud to say that I am among few, if any in the Lehigh Valley that offers this specific service. I have been through extensive training, led by Xtreme Expert Lash Stylists nationwide. This is my new love and it is "XTREME"ly amazing.These are semi-permanent eyelash extensions composed by single strands that are virtually weightless and curved to replicate a natural eyelash.Lashes are applied directly to the individual natural eyelashes one at a time. The result is a long lasting and natural looking extension of your natural eyelash.On average, a person sheds 25% of their eyelashes in a 2 week period. For best results, and to maintain fullness, a 2 week follow up is recommended.

A 3 Hour Appointment
A full set, customized to your eyes. Includes The Essential Aftercare Kit (valued at $100!)

Re-Lash: (Must have at least 50% of Xtreme Lashes)
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks

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